Police Station Representation

When arrested you will often have to attend a police station interview. This will be under caution and can be used in evidence against you within court proceedings. 

It is important that you are represented at a police station so that you give yourself the best chance of a favourable outcome. 

There are many cases which proceed, simply because the interview stage was not handled correctly. It is best not to take a risk of this nature when it can affect your employment, your ability to travel and your reputation. 

We are able to offer private representation for interviews at fixed fees. 

We will-

  1. Obtain disclosure and advise you before any interview begins.
  2. Ensure that you conduct yourself in the best possible way at interview.
  3. Interject if unfair questions are asked 
  4. Liaise with the police at the conclusion of the interview to try to ensure the matter does not proceed any further

If you are required to attend further interviews, we are able to assist and give continuity. If the police seek an interview date which is not convenient, we are able to negotiate a new date and time with them. 

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