Historical Sexual Abuse Allegations

This type of case is now very common and can be extremely distressing. Allegations are often made many years later and will impact on your family life. 

It is important to be represented by a pro active solicitor to ensure that your defence is put forward robustly but sensitively using many years of experience. You will find us emphatic, helpful and straightforward to deal with. 

We will understand the facts of your case, identify a strategy for your case and potential witnesses who will assist in your defence. 

Where a matter results in court proceedings, we will ensure you have an experienced advocate and that your case is prepared meticulously. 

As we also deal with litigation matters, we are often able to defend civil claims if they are made which will give you continuity and the ability to keep your costs to a reasonable level. 

We understand that this allegation will effect your life, your reputation and your prospects. We will be in your corner defending you robustly.

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