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Accredited Landlord and Tenant Lawyers

Landlord and tenant laws that govern residential properties are dynamic and constantly adapting to changes in the market. Tensions between landlords and tenants are certainly not uncommon, but with homes and livelihoods at stake, it is essential that both sides seek professional legal advice when disputes arise.  

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, our goal is to resolve your disagreements as quickly, cost-effectively and amicably as possible. Our team of team of Solicitors will listen to your side of the story, help you make sense of your situation and advise you on your next best course of action to ensure that you proceed as safely as possible. If you decide to take further legal action, Manak Solicitors is here to act on your behalf and help ensure the best possible outcome. 

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We Support Tenants

When there is friction between you and your landlord, it can be stressful. At Manak Solicitors, we’re here to assist you in making sense of your legal position and help keep a roof over your head. Our team of landlord and tenant Solicitors have years of collective experience protecting the rights of tenants. Some of the common situations we assist in include:

  • Disputes with local authorities or housing associations
  • Landlords wishing to evict tenants
  • Unlawful evictions
  • Allegations of disturbance
  • Obstruction of use of the property
  • Disputes over deposit returns
  • Allegations of breach of terms tenancy

We Support Landlords

If you’re a landlord in a dispute with a tenant, we understand that it isn’t just bricks and mortar involved, it’s your livelihood. The ways that our team of experienced Solicitors can help you include but are not limited to:

  • Mitigating any losses if you have breached rules of a tenancy agreement
  • Issuing an initial letter to the tenant requesting that they vacate the property and/or settle the rent arrears
  • Issuing formal notices for a defaulting tenant to vacate your property
  • Recovery of rent arrears through litigation
  • Re-possession of your property by obtaining the correct court orders, enabling bailiffs to use force if necessary

We’ve seen every kind of housing dispute and our team of solicitors have represented both sides of the tenant/landlord relationship for years. With Kent offices in Sevenoaks, Orpington and Gravesend, we have unparalleled understanding of the legal side of the local housing market. We have vast experience in dealing with local authorities and housing associations so you will receive a professional, experienced service from local experts.

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